quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2008

Just want to drive a spike through a development and code release process I will be following on this blog.

Last weekend I started writing a simple wiki in Cache ObjectScript and CSP, and tonight I polished off a couple of odds and ends.

Wiki is one of the simplest web-apps you can imagine and is often used to demonstrate new web-frameworks. So it was an obvious experiment to try in Caché. I was also surprised when I went googling for Intersystems Caché wiki that I only found Wikipedia entries but no wiki software for the platform.

So I rectified that. Altogether development has taken around three hours. Not too bad if not quite up with the 10 minute examples boasted by Django / Ruby on Rails etc.

I'll have more to say about this code in the next few blog-posts, both to explain how to use it, and some of the implementation decisions behind it. I'll also, I'm sure, be adding further features.

However, that can wait. For the impatient, here's the project on Google Code codenamed "Twistah". The software comes in one XML file (NooRanchWiki.xml), an exported COS "project". Once you download the file You can import it into any namespace using Studio's "Tools > Import Local" menu.

Then go to http://webserver/csp/namespace/view.csp for the HelloWorld page.

At the moment, it doesn't do much wiki markup. Only creating links is supported (for which you must use a [[PageName]] notation (double-square brackets and no spaces allowed at the moment)

It does have an overview of all pages (surprisingly easy) and RecentChanges which has been implemented in a slightly unusual way that I'll explain later.

OK, enjoy what's possibly Intersystem Caché and COS's only open-source wiki package. (BSD license for all you Gnuophobes)

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