domingo, 27 de julho de 2008

Intersystems's documentation for Caché is notoriously bad.

Here's a classic example I found today for the "super" keyword.

Yes, I realize "super" has something to do with super-classes and inheritance and so the "extends" keyword is relevant ... but ... er ... wouldn't you expect the "super" example to actually *use* the "super" keyword? Somewhere?

Or if there is no "super" keyword, because "extends" is how you declare inheritance relationships, what on earth is this page doing here?

Update : after further consideration, the only way I can decode this is that "super" is the name of the list of super-classes. That's why the super "keyword" can "have a value".

This is typical of Intersystems' often garbled approach to documentation. Don't they know what the word "keyword" actually means???

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