quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

Cool. Someone at George James (who make Caché source-control software) has noticed this blog. :-)

When I first started using Caché I went looking on the web and found ... well, not what I was looking for.

Where are all the Caché blogs?

I thought.

Coming from a world of Python and Erlang and other scripting languages, which are also usually associated with web-applications and often the free-software / open-source movement, I'm used to a very loud bustling chatter as people ask for and offer help, create new applications, celebrate and criticise language features etc.

Arriving in the Caché ecosystem was, frankly, a bit weird. Like arriving in a ghost-town. Where are all the people?

George James was one of the few (well, actually, now I think of it) the only specifically Caché blog I found.

So where is everybody? There must be more of us out there? If you have a Caché related blog or wiki or site, drop me a comment and I'll be delighted to add it to my blogroll on the right.

Update : and of course, if someone from the community wants to point out that I've got it all completely wrong about iterators etc. then that's welcome too.

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